Residential HERS Compliance Testing

A HERS rating is performed by a certified rater who administers various tests and then calculates the results on the house to be rated. The data is usually gathered by the HERS rater on location, at the site being tested. The testing and information gathered can vary depending on the particular HERS test(s).

A HERS rating may be required for:

  •  New Home Construction
  •  An alteration to an existing home
  •  An energy efficient mortgage
  •  An energy audit


Non-residential projects use a wide variety of heating, ventilation and cooling systems to provide heating and cooling comfort of the occupants as well as “Process Loads” (i.e. industrial loads, refrigerated warehouses, etc.). However, HERS field verification and testing of non-residential mechanical systems is limited to testing duct leakage on individual heating and cooling systems. Please see our resources page for a link to Non Residential Compliance charts that can help you determine if your system needs to be tested.

A HERS rating may be required for:

  •  Rooftop package Units
  •  Split System Air Conditioners
  •  Ducted Gas Furnace


HERS raters can be called upon to perform whole house home energy ratings for a variety of reasons. These can include the following: Energy Efficient Mortgages, Utility Energy Efficiency Programs, Private Party Consulting and Home Buyers and Sellers. The CalCERTS California Home Energy Rating Certificate is the principal product of a whole house home energy rating. The reports that are generated present a list of recommended improvements that are ranked in order of cost-effectiveness. Cost-effectiveness is a comparison of the cost of a feature to the benefits derived from the installation of that feature. The obvious benefit derived from installing the recommended energy improvements is the reduced consumption of energy. The software will perform a sophisticated calculation of the energy use of the home before and after the recommended improvements to determine how much energy is saved.

Home Performance

Performance testing provides assurance that your building/system will perform as designed. We can provide you with a prescriptive path to improved health, safety and comfort for your home.

  •  Duct Leakage testing
  •  Air Infiltration testing (blower door)
  •  HVAC Airflow verification, fan watt draw, refrigerant charge
  •  Mechanical System verification for IAQ, indoor air quality. (based on ASHRAE standard 62.2 requirements)